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Kishaba Juku Karate in Northampton

We offer karate classes in Kishaba Juku Shorin-Ryu. It is a traditional style coming directly from Okinawa, the homeland of karate. Kishaba Juku distinguishes itself from most other karate styles by:

  • an emphasis on body mechanics
  • seemingly effortless, fluid and natural movements
  • extremely fast techniques with devastating power

We learn how to control our body on a very fine-grained level, particular the core of our body which is known as koshi in Japanese. Crucially, in Kishaba Juku we generate energy without relying on brute muscular strength. This makes our style a great choice for people of all ages and genders.

Our training is equally well suited for beginners and people with prior experience in martial arts. In contrast to the stiff movements which can be observed in some other styles, Kishaba Juku feels liberating and gives you advanced control over your own body. If you have a background in another style — either in karate or a totally different martial arts — you will appreciate the new insights into movements.

As it is customary on Okinawa, we foster a friendly and non-competitive atmosphere. We are a non-profit group of people that is interested in learning advanced traditional karate.