Kishaba Juku

The main goal in Kishaba Juku to generate powerful striking and kicking techniques through fine-grained body control. One important aspect is to learn how to control the “core” of our body, or koshi in Japanese. Starting from the koshi, we transfer energy into the upper body, our arm and finally into our hand. The physics behind this is the whip effect which leads to a fist that hits the target with a very high velocity. Since all movements originate from the body’s core, our techniques and intentions are difficult to sense by the opponent.

In order to master Kishaba Juku, learning how to relax the body is also an important goal of our training. Another interesting aspect is the way we move. Stepping is done in a way that gives us advantages in an actual fight and which uses biomechanics in an optimized way.

Practicing Kishaba Juku leads to natural movements which are more fluent and straight than the ones in most other (Japanized) karate styles.  We train to avoid all unnecessary muscle tensions and use no artificial breathing. It does not surprise that Kishaba Juku can be practiced up to a very old age.

Kishaba Juku grew out of Matsubayashi-Ryu, one of the larger styles in the Shorin-Ryu family. The head of our style is Prof. Katsuhiko Shinzato from Okinawa. He has been training karate for more than 50 years and is considered one of the most sophisticated karate practitioners on Okinawa. Our direct teacher is Borut Mauhler from Slovenia who has been training with Shinzato Sensei for twenty years. Here is a YouTube video of Shinzato Sensei (the video has more than 1 million views):